A Small History Suviseshabhavan, commission for catechetics Diocese of Alleppey

Suviseshabhavan is the diocesan catechetical centre situated in the seminary campus, Karmasadan Pastoral Centre at Alleppey. The main responsibility of The diocese of alleppey is very dynamic and active in its catechetical ministry in the 72 centres which are situated in the districts of Alleppey and Ernakulam. The dioceseof Alleppey is mainly located in the seashores of Ernakulam and Alleppey. The majority of the population are engaged in fishing. The people are very much catholic and church-oriented faithful.

The diocese of alleppey was bifurcated from the diocese of Kochi in the year 1952. I am very happy to share that the catechetical ministry in the diocese was first headed by the Servant of God, Msgr. Reynolds Purackal. His duration of the catechetical ministry was from 1952 to 1978.

It was after the Second Vatican Council, the pioneer Bishop, Rt. Rev. Dr. Michael Arattukulam founded the diocesan catechetical centre namely “Suviseshabhavan” in the year 1976.

The second Bishop of Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr. Peter M. Chenaparambil gave prominent importance and special attention to make the catechism more systematic and vibrant among the faithful of the diocese.

He was followed by His Excellency, Rt. Rev. Dr. Stephen Athipozhiyil who made the commission for catechetics to impart an integral formation to the children and the youth through the catechetical ministry in all the parishes.

At Present Rt. Rev. Dr. James Anaparambil who is the coadjutor Bishop of the Diocese is guiding the catechetical ministry with a great vision which aims at the formation of the people to the God’s chosen people.

I would like to proudly state that it was a great person who committed his life fully for the catechetical ministry for the diocese and he is Very Rev. Fr. Pius Mohan Parayakkattil who served the diocese as the director of the diocesan catechetical centre for the period of two years from 1978 to 1998. He carried out great mission with enthusiasm to form the people in God’s grace by giving them better catechism. It was during his time every parish with the support of the priests and sisters and the committed lay animators and teachers, the chidren are being given the catechetical formation. A big salute to the team of Fr. Pius Mohan. He started visiting each and every parish periodically to evaluate the functioning of the catechism classes. What we follow and carry out the ministry is only the merits which are contributed by Fr. Pius Mohan.

The great journey of the catechism in the diocese was again continued by the great service of the diocesan directors namely Rev. Fr. Bony Charankkattu, Rev. Fr. Stephen M Punnackal, Rev. Fr. Joy Puthenveetil, Rev. Fr. Simon Kurisinkal and Rev. Fr. Joseph Dixy Faber.

It was Rev. Fr. Joy Puthenveetil who made drastic changes in the catechetical formation by introducing the VLF Vacation Logos Fest and later it is changed to VFF Vacation Faith Fest. He introduced the new method of preparing the teaching notes by providing the teaching manuals. He took special initiative in bringing new changes in the syllabus and the text book printing. He is the master brain in conducting the Biblica Expo which presents the total work of the catechetical ministry in each parish.

At present it’s me Fr. Renson Pollayil who has been serving the diocese as the director from 2018. This is a great experience in proclaiming the word of God to all the children in every catechetical centre. I am indebted to all the parish directors who are coordinating the catechetical ministry in the parishes with the help of the laity and the religious sisters.

Fr. Renson Pollayil
Director, Commission for Catechetics
Diocese of Alleppey

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SuviseshaBhavan, Catechetical Commission
Diocese of Alleppey

ForaneParishes : 6
Total Parish : 72
Sub Centre : 8
Total Family : 28837
Total Priest : 138
Total Sunday SchoolPriest : 72
Total Sisters : 207
Total Seminariansof Catechism Teachers : 43
Total Teachers : 1584
Total Class Charge Teachers : 1294
Total Substitute Teachers : 289
Total Male Teacher : 738
Total Female Teacher : 845
Total Parish Office Secretory : 41
Total Promoters : 72
Total Secretory : 72
Total Students : 19383
Total Boys : 9361
Total Girls : 10022
Total Divisions : 1241
Total Laity Male : 860
Total Laity Female : 1205
Total Logos Registration : 17082

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